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Fillergyn Armonia Notte Is a new generation food supplement which is usingnatural highly purified active compounds with, hormone modulatingactivity and supporting the restore a good sleeping and consequently toreduce the anxiety.

Main Ingredients: Melatonin, Valerian, Chaste Berry, Angelica Sinensis , Selenio and Zinc.


 Melatonina    1mg  Serotoninic Cycle
 Valeriana  ValerianaValerianaOfficinalis  150mg  Anxiolytic
 Angelica  Angelica Sinensis  100mg  Hormonal Balance
 Chaste Berry  Veg  100mg  Estrogenic Modulatur
 Zinco  MIN  8mg  Enzyme inducer andmelatonin modulator
 Selenium  MIN  50mcg  Enzyme inducer andmelatonin modulator

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